High Level Online Side Event – Championing the elimination of trafficking in human beings and the exploitation of prostitution

Heute fand eine wichtige Veranstaltung mit vielen bedeutenden Personen im Kampf gegen Menschenhandel und sexuelle Ausbeutung statt. Ich war auch dabei und konnte ein paar mir wichtige Dinge einbringen. Unten im Video könnt ihr alles anschauen.

Side event Parallel to 47th Human Rights Council & 79th CEDAW Sessions – Co-sponsored by France, Iceland & Sweden – In cooperation with OHCHR & OSCE/ODIHRIn English – French – Spanish – German

On the occasion of the 47th Regular Session of the Human Rights Council and the 79th Session of the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women in Geneva, CAP International gathers States, International organisations and Survivors leaders to highlight international human rights law and good practices to eliminate trafficking in human beings and the exploitation of prostitution. Trafficking in human beings and the exploitation of prostitution constitute a serious violation of human rights. Most identified victims are women and girls, their sexual exploitation being the purpose of trafficking is linked to organised crime in most cases. The total number of victims has grown considerably following the unprecedented increase in migration and forced displacement, due to armed conflicts, persecution, human rights violations, and the outbreak of COVID-19. 6 months after the adoption of CEDAW General recommendation No. 38 on trafficking in women and girls in the context of global migration and 2 years after France and Sweden have developed a common strategy for combating human trafficking for sexual exploitation in Europe and globally, this event aims to create a platform to share lessons learned on efforts to eliminate sexual exploitation and to improve cooperation as well as to support advocacy, initiatives and the mobilisation of additional resources.

Launch of ISTAC, OSCE

I am glad to announce my membership to ISTAC.

This is a milestone“, Per-Anders Sunesson said, Deputy Director-General, Ministry of Health and Social Affairs of Sweden, Division for EU and International Affairs and former Swedish Ambassador at Large for Combating Trafficking in Persons.

The OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) today has launched the International Survivors of Trafficking Advisory Board (ISTAC), consisting of 21 leading survivors of human trafficking from across the OSCE. ISTAC will assist ODIHR’s work in combating trafficking in human beings.

I will work now together with so many inspiring individuals and especially victims of human trafficking with different stories from all over the world to try to bring more change in combating trafficking in human beings. Very important is the victim centered and trauma informed approach of ISTAC. We understand the mechanisms, the different strategies, the trauma consequences and what it needs to help (potential) victims.

To fight human trafficking, you also have to listen to those that have gone through a trafficking situation.

During the launch of ISTAC Tobias Lorentzson, Deputy Permanent Representative of Sweden to the OSCE Chair in Office (CiO), emphasized Article 9 of the Palermo Protocol (Prevention of trafficking in persons):

5. States Parties shall adopt or strengthen legislative or other measures, such as educational, social or cultural measures, including through bilateral and multilateral cooperation, to discourage the demand that fosters all forms of exploitation of persons, especially women and children, that leads to trafficking.

He took Sweden as an example of how to tackle demand.

It’s time to start to tackle demand, Germany!

All the members of ISTAC are fighting for change and a victim-centered approach and now alongside OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR).

Thank you to all the great people there! Its an honor and it gives me much hope to work with all those experts to bring change and help for those who are locked in the system and have no voice. Here you can see the full launch of ISTAC:

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